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Project Koshish, Underprivileged Professional football programme has been initiated to develop the underprivileged kids into professional footballers. We aim to develop a livelihood and instil a positive effect in the same community using Football as a development tool.
For this, Fast Football Club’s team visited various NGO’s , Govt. School and slums over the course of 3 months all over Gurgaon to select 120 kids who will be training for the next 5 years to become professional footballers and also learn the social values for becoming a responsible person in the society.They are now given training for thrice a week where all the infrastructure,football equipment, Football kit & shoes and refreshments is provided.
Current venue – Fast Football Club ground, village Ghata where 28 kids train.
Sankalp NGO school, village Chakkarpur where 22 kids train.
Village Khedla, where 70 kids train.
Total 120 kids are being given training every week.
Training days are :- Monday, Wednesday and Friday on all the venues.
Further moving on, it would be very generous of you all if any small contribution can be done towards these kids as even a Rupee might bring a change in their lives. You can also follow us on Facebook – fastfootballclub for regular updates on the same.
For donating our bank details are:-
A/C- 114705000464